Wordpress Plugins


WordPress Plugins can make or break your site- literally.

Learn how to choose, use, update and maintain your WordPress plugins in to power up your site.  These short tutorials will make you a pro at using WordPress Plugins.  If you need one on one help, call (844) WP TUTOR or contact us via email.

WooCommerce Blocks and What They Do

WooCommerce Blocks are one of the most powerful parts of the WordPress Ecommerce Experience. These blocks allow you to place important items virtually anywhere in your WooCommerce shop. What can we do with WooCommerce Blocks? The power of these blocks is that you can...

WordPress Auditing Plugins – Not Big Brother – Smart Management

WordPress Auditing Plugins can save your bacon Names have been changed to protect the innocent. It was almost quittin' time, at the end of a long day. I got a frantic call from a client. Their website was disappearing page by page right before their eyes. There was a...

OVER 13 Places to get Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg is here and many people have started using it for their online editing experience.  Out of the box, there are alot of great blocks build into Gutenberg, but there are bound to be some times where you're looking for a...

How to Edit Live WordPress Content

Have a lot visitors coming to your website? That’s great! To keep your website up to date, attract new visitors, and maintain your current visitors, you have to do regular content updates. The only downside to content updates is that you have to be careful about how...

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