WordPress Contact Forms The Ultimate Guide

by Dec 4, 2017Wordpress Plugins, Contact Form Plugins

WordPress Contact Forms The Ultimate Guide

Which WordPress Contact Form should I use?

One of the first things that most people do when they get a shiny new WordPress site is to add a contact form.  Contact forms, of course, are how you allow visitors to get in touch with on your site via email. Eventually, you’ll realize that within WordPress that there are dozens of contact form plugins available to you each with pros and cons.

What we’re attempting to do in this series is allow you to see some of the important things to look for in a contact form plugin and what each plugin has to offer. We’ll rate each plugin in different areas and assume that the user is someone wanting to make a basic or intermediate contact form for their site.

We’re taking a look at 10 of the most popular WordPress plugins that are in the WordPress Repository. The great thing about these contact form plugins is that they are all free; however, some of them have extensions that you can pay for in a pro or enhanced version.

We don’t tell you exactly which plug-in is best because it means different things to different people – once you are able to read and see little bit about each contact form plugin you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision especially if you’re looking to settle on one or change contact forms from one to another.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about these contact form plugins or get help in creating complex forms please contact us at (844) WPTUTOR we will be more than happy to help you.



Here are some of the criteria that we’re evaluating:

  • How long has the plugin been around?  When evaluating you want someone who generally has a track record
  • How many installs do they have on WordPress.org – Generally, the more the better
  • Quality of support – are they responsive?  Do they have a dedicated website to handle issues?
  • Do they have free,(or paid) addons?
  • Do they offer recaptcha or honeypot support without using a plugin?
  • How easy is it to make a simple form?
  • How easy is it to make a slightly more complex form?
  • Does it save entries in the backend, or does it just email submissions?
  • Can you export entries?

so on and so forth.

We want you to be able to make a quality decision without having to download and try every plugin – or worse, deciding on one and realizing that you need to switch.  Make sure to follow us on social media in order to keep track of future reviews.

WordPress Contact Forms - Caldera Forms
WordPress Contact Forms - Formidable Forms
Form Maker WordPress Contact Form Plugin

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