WordPress User Roles

Knowing about WordPress User Roles is essential to running a successful WordPress website. Learn the various roles and what they can do on your WP Site.

How to use the Paragraph Block in WordPress

Table of ContentsHow do I add the Paragraph Block to my WordPress Post or Page?Just Click EnterClick the black '+' icon Click the blue block selector iconWhat settings does the paragraph block have? Can you create a report or blog without any paragraphs? Your...

Adding a Video in Gutenberg Editor

Adding a video in Gutenberg Tutorial Video on How to Add YouTube and Vimeo Videos in WordPress Step 1 There are two types of videos you can add in Gutenberg: uploaded video file and embedded video.Step 2 To add a video as a file upload,...

The Spacer Block in Gutenberg

Step 1First go to the page where you would like to add the spacer. Click on the plus sign icon in the upper left-hand corner. From there, select the Layout Elements from the drop-down menu. Click on Spacer.Step 2 A white space will appear within your page. Adjust...

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