Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress 5.0

Gutenberg is here and many people have started using it for their online editing experience.  Out of the box, there are alot of great blocks build into Gutenberg, but there are bound to be some times where you're looking for a different look, or functionality.

We've compiled a list of 13 places where you can get free or low cost Gutenberg blocks for WP 5.0

Update - We have found some additional really cool block plugins for the block editor, so we've added them to this list - There are now 18, we'll keep updating this list, so please bookmark.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a free plugin developed by Imtiaz Rayhan. There are currently 14 different block types available, and there’s more to come in the future.

This set includes some essentials such as buttons and dividers. Unique features are also included to enhance your page layouts (especially if you own an online store) such as call to action blocks, numbered blocks, and social share blocks.

Easy Blocks is a free Plugin in the WordPress Respository that currently includes seven types of Gutenberg blocks.

Easy Blocks comes with 7 Blocks (Currently) to enhance your Gutenberg Editor Experience.

  1. Testimonial Block
  2. Alert Notification
  3. Call To Action
  4. Card Image and Text
  5. Image Content
  6. Heading & Sub Heading
  7. Blockquotes
  8. Testimonial Slider Block
  9. Click to Tweet Block

Storefront Blocks

Storefront Blocks is a premium plugin developed by Pootlepress. They have 4 different pricing plans available for purchase. This plugin allows store owners with very little technical knowledge to showcase their products beautifully on their WooCommmerce website.

Some blocks they currently offer include Square Product Grid, Category Product Grid, and Products Blocks. You can take a look at their blocks through their live demo.

Here is an amazing demo of their blocks for WooCommerce

Block Party

Block Party is a premium plugin developed by WP Block Party. There are seven types of blocks available. If you plan to incorporate visual charts and graphs on your website, this is a great site for you.

Some of the blocks they are offer are barcharts, line charts, and pie charts. There are 3 pricing plans available to fit any customer’s needs.


Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress 5.0

Stackable is a free plugin developed by Stackable. There are currently 24 blocks and Stackable plans to release more in the future. They offer blocks that can be used for both ecommerce and non-ecommerce websites.

Some unique blocks they offer include the Feature block (displays featured products), Notification block, (shows important dismissible notifications to users), and icons list (list features and customer benefits).

They also offer a free WordPress theme on their website. You can take a look at all the blocks they offer and demo each one on their website.


Jetpack blocks plugin

On November 27, Jetpack released a set of 4 blocks: Form, Map, Markdown, and Simple Payments. The Simple Payment Block allows you to accept credit card and debit card payments on a website.

In order to use the Simple Payments gutenberg block, you must have a Premium Jetpack plan, but the other blocks are available for free use. The Form Block allows you to easily create a contact form and alter its fields.

The Map Block allows you to show your store’s location on a map on any page. The Markdown Block allows you to write and style posts and pages without writing any HTML.

Mega Blocks

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Blocks for free.

Mega Blocks is a free plugin developed by WebCodingPlace. There are currently 11 blocks available with more to come in the future. Mega Blocks includes the Font Awesome 5 icons pack and Bootstrap 4 UI elements.

Mega Block expedites your web design process quickly by giving you more control over each element. Other blocks offered are the Image Hover Effects Block, Count Up Block, and Product Card Block. You can view a demo of each block here.

Snow Monkey Blocks

Snow Monkey Blocks is a free plugin developed by inc2734. This plugin currently offers 21 blocks to design and publish pages without needing any knowledge of coding.

Snow Monkey Blocks is optimized for the Snow Monkey theme, but it can also be used with other themes. Some unique features this plugin includes Alert, Balloon, and Rating Box.


GhostKit is a free plugin developed by nK. There are currently 19 gutenberg blocks available to use on your pages.

Some unique blocks GhostKit offers are Grid, Github Gist, and Changelog. All blocks are compatible with outside themes. You can view each block’s demo here.

Otter Blocks

Otter Blocks is a free plugin developed by ThemeIsle. There are currently 13 blocks available to use on your pages.

If your website sells website plugins or themes, this may be the best plugin for you. Unique blocks include Plugin Card Block and Post Grid Block. You can view the demos for this plugin here.


UltraBlocks is a free Gutenberg Blocks plugin developed by FestPlugins. It offers a ton of functionality and options in a fast, easy-to-use interface that will streamline your page editing experience. It features a set of your basic blocks (heading, paragraph, button, etc.).

They offer more advanced gutenberg blocks like Gif with GIPHY, Reading Duration, and Company Logos. UltraBlocks allows you to take your web designs even further  with their pro version. Pro offers more unique blocks such as Accordion with Inner Blocks, iHover, and Flip Bocks. You can review all their blocks here.

Editor Blocks

Editor Blocks is a free plugin developed by editorblocks. They offer 10 gutenberg blocks for WordPress 5.0. A few unique blocks that they offer are Brands Block and Callout Block.

Editor Blocks is compatible with all WordPress themes, and they also offer a free theme. To read more info on each block and a demo of their blocks, click here.

Cloud Blocks

Cloud Blocks is a free plugin developed by Frontkom. It is a online library of gutenberg blocks for WP 5.0. Using this library prevents you from downloading multiple block plugins. It’s easy to install and use. Cloud Blocks allows you to:

  • Discover and install custom blocks with a click
  • Install only the blocks you need – no huge plugin collections needed
  • Reuse blocks between WordPress and Drupal
  • Serve the blocks from a CDN

To read more information about this library, click here.

 Atomic Blocks  

Atomic Blocks
One of the first block editor plugins

Atomic Blocks is a free plugin that offers a group of block types that allow you to create beautiful web pages. They currently offer 11 blocks but they plan to develop more in the future. They include some really nice blocks such a post grid block, a container block, and a spacer & divider block. You read more about this plugin here.

Kadence Gutenberg Block Pro  

Kadence Gutenberg Block Pro is a premium plugin developed by Kadence themes. They offer two different payment options: Pay $35/yr or subscribe to a Kadence membership which will you give you access to all of their plugins and themes. One unique block they offer is a Prebuilt block which imports predesigned features and sections on your site.Currently they offer 8 blocks but more are in development. You can view them all here.


CoBlocks is a free plugin developed by ThemeBeans. It is a set of Gutenberg blocks designed for content marketers. Each blocks encourages website visitors to interact with it and stay in contact with the company’s website. They currently offer 7 blocks, but plan to develop more. A few blocks are a Click to Tweet block and Author Biography Block. Click here to learn more.

Block Gallery

Block Gallery is a block that allows users to display their images within multiple different image galleries. It was developed by Rich Tabor. There are currently 6 different types of galleries you can utilize. It’s free to use on your website. The galleries are responsive so they look beautiful on any device. TO learn more about this plugin and view its demos, you can click here.

Designer Blocks for Block Editor  

Designer Blocks for Block Editor is a free plugin that expands on the standard set of blocks by adding several new blocks that make it easy to add modern web design patterns to your pages. It was developed by Weaver Theme. Some of the blocks they offer include image columns and All-in-One Image/Text. You can learn more and view the demo here.

FAQ Block For Gutenberg

The FAQ Block is a simple free plugin developed by Dilip Bheda. This block allows you to add FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions) with basic styling options. You can also add multiple FAQ blocks. You can read more info here.


Gutenblocks is a free plugin developed by smartcat. Guteblocks is a collection of Gutenberg blocks. You can read more info here.

Gutenberg Feature Block

Gutenberg Feature Block is a free plugin developed by Catapult Themes. You can use this plugin to create feature blocks - blocks that provide information about key features. You can learn more here.

Blocks – Ultimate Page Building Blocks for Gutenberg

Blocks - Ultimate Page Building Blocks for Gutenberg is a free plugin developed by Templatic. This lightweight plugin allows you to create attractive & colorful content sections. The flexible Blocks Builder adds more customization possibilities to the basic blocks such as the text block, or the heading block. Some of the current plugins this block offers are a profile block, alert block, and social media block. You can  read more info here.

Blocks Kit – Gutenberg Blocks for Freelancers

Blocks Kit is a library of Gutenberg blocks for Editors, Content Writers and freelancers. There are multiple blocks this set offers such as Button Block, Pricing Table Block, and Info Box Block. They plan to continuously add more blocks in the future. You can read more info here.

SuperBlocks – Best Collection of WordPress Blocks

SuperBlocks – Best Collection of WordPress Blocks is a free plugin developed by You can create beautiful looking content with ease, all without typing a single line of code. A few blocks that this plugin offers are Review Pick, GIF, and Code. They plan on creating more blocks in the future. You can view a live demo of these blocks here.

Guten Editor Blocks

Guten Editor Blocks is a free plugin that was developed by ThemeVedanta. You can create beautiful blocks design and adjust their configuration with ease. They only offer 3 blocks at the moment: Icon Box Block, Image Box Block, Call to Action Block. You can read more information here.  


etwid is a free plugin developed by MotoPress. For now, the plugin offers 24 content blocks with more planned to be released in the future. 

Among the unique blocks provided by Getwid are Media &Text Slider block, Banner block, Instagram block, and Person block. Live demos and detailed descriptions of each Getwid block can be found here.

This plugin can be used with any WordPress theme and as well offers you a free starter theme called Getwid Base.

Disclaimer - all images are copyright their respective gutenberg block plugin authors and developers.

Looking for Gutenberg Tutorials?  We've got the core blocks covered.

Have you created any Gutenberg Blocks that you want highlighted?  Any that you want us to include?  We'll be updating this list so make sure you place your recommendations in the comments below.

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