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As a business owner, or a personal blogger, what is your passion?  Hopefully, it is your business or blog, not necessarily changing your WordPressess site, wrangling over code and spending hours trying to do everything yourself.  WordPress is a great platform for do it yourself ers, however, there are times when you get a little over your head.  Here are some things that a WordPress training or “coaching” can do for you.


  • Make sure that your website is backed up properly and secure
  • Help you make changes to your site so that it stays fresh
  • Help you figure out how to add social media to your site
  • Give you ideas on new features that can make your website better serve you and your customers.


However, the most important thing that a WordPress Coach can do for you is:

Cut down your WordPress Learning Curve

WordPress has many features because it serves so many different types of businesses and sites.  However there are certain simple tricks and configurations that are built in that a casual user may not know about.  If you spend 6 hours in forums online trying to figure out how to make your site logo bigger, then you have not used your time as effectively as possible.

A WordPress Trainer can answer most of your questions quickly and get you back to business.


You do not have to even leave your home to get quality WordPress Training – WP- Tutoring offers online training in a live webinar format.  It is totally customized to you.

I work on YOUR BLOG  troubleshooting YOUR issues.  99% of online videos only offer a generic format that doesn’t deal specifically with your site, your theme, and your exact questions.

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Your Website is THE CHEAPEST EMPLOYEE you’ll ever have.  It is your 24/7 storefront, displaying your goods, services, or personal thoughts and in some cases your life’s work.  Take the time to invest in your site in order to get even better returns for your business or personal passion.

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