Wordpress Troubleshooting and TrainingIt’s 1 o’clock in the morning- do you know where your sanity is?

You’ve been to every forum and blog you can think of. YouTube doesn’t help. Why doesn’t this stupid WordPress theme work??

We have felt your pain. Do any of these sound familiar when trying to troubleshoot your WordPress site(s)?

    • I bought this theme, but what is this stupid “framework” stuff? I just want to add two pictures.
    • Does WordPress.org and WordPress.com mean the same thing?
    • Why are my blog posts showing up on my homepage? – I just want a couple of paragraphs about my business to show up.
    • This slider has a bunch of pictures of people I don’ t know and I don’t care about- how can I get rid of them and put up my stuff?
    • Everyone says I should upgrade from a static site to wordpress, but where do I start?
    • Custom Post Wha??

First off, we believe that WordPress is the best blogging and Content management system out there – hands down, ( sorry to you Drupal and Joomla folks, I’m sure you feel the same way about your CMS). There are some very talented and brilliant people working hard on it every day.

However, we all need a little help sometimes…

For over 6 years, we’ve been doing WordPress website troubleshooting real-time online with small business owners, medium sized businesses, and even international organizations.  

We’ve done everything from recipe blogs, research sites, to complex multisite management. WE CAN HELP YOU OUT OF THAT WP MESS YOU’RE IN. 

Contact us today with your specific problem.   

WordPress Website Troubleshooting Examples:

  • I need to update my header, but I don’t see anything in the configuration menu?
  • The color for the background is all wrong, how do I change it?
  • My menus are screwed up, all my pages show up and I only need a few
  • I want to add,(or get rid of) some of the icons in the header/footer, how can I do that?

I can help you with all of those issues, ( and much more). Send me a list along with your website and we’ll go through it together.


We want to thank WP-Tutoring and Grant for all his help in extracting us out of our WORDPRESS mess!

Michael Amouri

Owner, Cafe Amouri

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