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WordPress Tutoring and Training Online Since 2012! Get Virtual WP Training at your Home or Office

WordPress Tutoring and Training Online

WordPress Training Online
One on One or in Group Sessions

WordPress Tutoring Online One on One by the hour. One on One WordPress Tutoring Online on Your site with Your specific Problems… Not generic videos.

We also serve those in Canada, England, and other countries.

WordPress Website Troubleshooting & Maintenance

WordPress Website Troubleshooting & Maintenance

WordPress Website Troubleshooting available for personal, business, or enterprise websites.

WordPress Website Creation and Project Consultation

WordPress Website Creation and Project Consultation

More than just creating a website, we’ll show you how to use WordPress to grow your business, make more money, gain more subscribers, get more notoriety for your cause, or whatever your needs may be.

WordPress is the most popular CMS, (Content Management System), in the World – and it’s becoming more popular daily.

Your time is valuable – Let us help you save it. WordPress Tutoring and Training Online has worked for hundreds of clients over the past 10 years.

WordPress currently powers over 40% of the websites that you see every day. It’s a powerful platform that can be used for simple blogs or complex business sites.

To get the most out of your WordPress site you need individualized instruction. Let us help you get the most out of your site, and make your personal or business site the best it can be.

Provide customized training on Your website using Your specific theme.

Provide In Person and Online Tutorial “Refreshers” for your employees on a regular basis

Provide expert help on site configuration and more

Cut down your learning curve

Article: WordPress Tutor- Why do you need one?

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Online WordPress

Online WordPress Training

Before seeing this I thought I preferred written instructions. I was wrong! I would never have found that without a lot more searching on the web…



WordPress Training for Energy Products Distribution
WordPress Tutoring for Floral Marketing Research Fund
WordPress Tutor for Library of Congress
WordPress Training for International Bottled Water Association
WordPress Tutoring American Fisheries Society
WordPress Tutor JP Moery Company

WordPress Training for Business.

Your WordPress site can be one of your greatest assets. Build your online presence using a proven open source technology.

Group Training

WordPress Training that will get your group operating the right way! Whether you have an existing site or are brand new to WordPress we’ll teach your employees the latest WordPress techniques to maintain your web presence.

Cut down on costs by using WordPress

WordPress can save your business money. We’ll show you how to make your team more productive, get better results, and improve your revenue using WordPress as your base.

Business Site Strategy

Businesses need a strategy on how to market to their customers. We are WordPress experts and can help you to figure out how to get maximum benefit from all that WordPress has to offer.

WordPress Training for Individuals.

Do you want to be able to update your own site, or create one from scratch?


Learn How to Update and Edit Your Site

Our WordPress Tutoring will show YOU how to update your site with ease. Items that you’ve been wanting to do on your site you’ll finally be able to do..

Live WordPress Training – Not Generic Videos

YouTube videos are great, but they are not personalized to your specific needs- our WP Training will help you get items done more quickly – and with better results.

Learn WordPress Site Strategy

We can help you align your site strategy with your WordPress goals. The theme and plugins you choose, hosting, etc… contribute to your WordPress experience and your site visitors’ experience. We’ll help you align your strategy to be more effective with your WordPress site.

WordPress Training that YOU Control

We provide help and training for WP themes, page builders, and plugins.

We’ve worked on sites from mom and pop blogs to international e-commerce multisites. Chances are if you’re using it, we’ve seen it.

We can either train from a set training regiment for beginners, or provide customized help for those “sticky” problems that you run into.

(844) WP-Tutor

(844) 978 – 8867

WordPress Tutoring One on One for Major Page Builders:

WordPress Tutorial Videos

Latest WordPress Training Videos

Here are some of our Training Tutorial Videos on various WP Topics

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What Our Clients Are Saying about our WordPress Tutor Services

This session was more than just problem-solving!

It was educational! They not only fixed my issues but also took the time to explain everything clearly. I left feeling empowered with new knowledge, not just a temporary solution. Definitely worth the investment!  – Emily


…  WordPress training was spot on! He trained us directly on our own website and helped us tackle the specific tasks we needed help with, creating a highly customized training session.Additionally, we are eager to put his knowledge of search-engine optimization (SEO) to use on our new website and get more hits.

Suzanna – Communications, American Floral Society

A Big Thank You

Lauren Yingling, Webmaster, The Millenial Legacy, Baltimore, MD

…Grant walked me through, step-by-step, showing me how to use the many features of WordPress, and I cannot tell you how invaluable this tutorial was.  I am so much more confident now that I have a clear understanding of what I’m doing.  Grant was just wonderful.  If you have a WordPress website and you need some tutoring, Grant is your man.

Thank you, Grant!!!

Lauren Yingling, – Webmaster, The Millenial Legacy, Baltimore, MD

WordPress Expertise

Grant Price has lent his WordPress expertise in training and enabling our company to expand upon our digital presence. He provided excellent in training the editorial association in managing the company web site – making content updates, posting blogs, and publishing podcasts. His training allowed our company to become more independent in terms of creating and putting out content on our schedule.

Kim Gilliam – The Moery Company

WordPress Resources 

Featured WordPress Resources

WordPress Training Manual PDF

We’ve developed a 65pg handbook giving you the basics of WordPress. You can download it here.

WordPress Tutoring and Training Online Disaster Plan
There is nothing worse than not having info close to you when you need it, or having to trudge through countless emails in order to get your site back up and running. Here is the bare minimum info that WordPress site owners should have available if the need arises.
Do you need better WordPress hosting?

You work hard to create great websites and maintain them, so you should ensure your website is hosted on the best platform – that doesn’t ruin your budget. Selecting a hosting plan can be daunting especially if you’re not familiar with website hosting terminology.

WP Tutorial Articles

Latest WordPress Tutorials

Follow our latest WordPress Tutorials in order to do WP Tasks.
We’re working on keeping these updated- so subscribe to get the latest content.

Managing WordPress User Roles and Permissions- It is Critical

Managing WordPress User Roles and Permissions- It is Critical

What Are the Best Ways to Manage User Roles and Permissions in WordPress? Managing user roles and permissions in WordPress is crucial for ensuring that your site runs smoothly and securely. Whether you're running a blog, a membership site, or an e-commerce platform,...

How to use WordPress Block Patterns

How to use WordPress Block Patterns

WordPress Block Patterns are becoming way better. The great WordPress contributor team has been hard at work making beautiful and useful block patterns for WordPress. The latest WordPress theme, Twenty Twenty Four, has some very useful patterns that can be used to...

WordPress SEO Basics for Beginners

WordPress SEO Basics for Beginners

Get Our Ultimate WordPress SEO Course Now- Click Below: Get Our Ultimate WordPress SEO Course Now- Click Below:Hosting ProviderInstall a Free SEO pluginKeyword and Key Phrase ResearchAlt tags  The WordPress Text EditorSet custom URLs, Meta Titles, and Meta...

5 Ways to Prevent WordPress Plugins from Updating

5 Ways to Prevent WordPress Plugins from Updating

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to prevent WordPress plugins from updating. It's important to note that while there are reasons to do this, such as maintaining compatibility with custom code or other plugins, it's generally recommended to keep plugins updated...

Featured WordPress Training Client

Custom WordPress Development

While we love training our clients on how to use WordPress, we find that sometimes they have custom development needs.

We are able to integrate WordPress with various API’s, create custom shopping experiences, and create membership portals and intranets.

Contact us for a custom quote.

We can develop custom plugins and themes for your site.

WordPress Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

How does Online WordPress Tutoring Work?

You can contact us via the form above.  We will discuss with you your actual needs for your website.  Once we’ve spoken, we will schedule a time for us to meet online.  We answer all of your WordPress questions during our scheduled zoom call.   You’ll get a recording of our zoom video call by the next day.

Is this dedicated private WordPress tutoring?

Yes.  All tutoring is private and based on exactly what YOU want to discuss.  No pre-arranged curriculum, just you and your WordPress website.

Do you train more than one person at a time?

Absolutely,  we can train multiple persons, all you need to do is contact us.  Or you can call us at (844) WP-Tutor

Do you offer a WordPress online video course?

Why yes we do!  You can go to our Learn WordPress Online section to purchase self paced video courses on how to use WordPress and various other plugins.  We are constantly adding new content, so be sure to check in often. Viewing our WordPress Course Online will get you a good start in the basics of WordPress

Where can I learn WordPress for free?

You can start by viewing our Top notch WordPress Tutorial.  We also have a free WordPress pdf book that you can download.

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If you need help with your Word Press Website you won’t find better quality or price! I struggled for years to find someone who could help me in the sea of tech people who claim they can get results but don’t. This business is the ticket!!!

Lee Johnson

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