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A WordPress Tutor can be very beneficial to your bottom line and your sanity.  Here is why.

Many people are a little hesitant to acquire the services of a WordPress tutor, but the reality is that a tutor can actually save you money and sanity.  A good WordPress tutor can:

We can show you WordPress Shortcuts that you may not have seen before

wordpress tutor

A good WordPress Tutor can show you a couple of techniques that will help you with posts, pages, and general upkeep of your site.  They can also offer best practices to use when making a WP site.  If you’ve ever attempted to learn something that is really complex and had someone say, “That’s easy just do …”  and you got an “aha” moment, then you’ll probably have that same moment with a tutor.  

Those couple of minutes of tutoring can possibly save you hours of frustration.

View some of our WordPress Tutorials for Beginners here.

A WordPress Trainer can give you insight as to which plugins are the most popular, most effective, and the best fit for your application.

WordPress Training Can Give you ideas on plugins or functionality that will cut down development time

WordPress has hundreds of plugins available.  Just look at wordpress.org to see all of the new and wonderful plugins being developed.  A WordPress Trainer can give you insight as to which plugins are the most popular, most effective, and the best fit for your application.  

Often as new WordPress users, you may be tempted to grab the first plugin that looks good – however, a good tutor will likely tell you a plugin that offers better functionality and offers things such as less load on the server, or one that keeps up to date with WordPress.

Another great reason to get WordPress tutoring is that there are times when you need to purchase themes and plugins.  While WordPress is great, open-source, and essentially free – there are times when it makes much more sense to pay for a premium theme or plugin in order to get your project done faster, and with better support.  

This can save you time on the backend as well when your free plugin may not work anymore because it didn’t follow the best coding practices, or when you needs change and the developer no longer supports the code.

You could spend 10 hours trying to figure out exactly what’s going on, or you can spend less than 1 hour getting help and moving on to more important things.

A WordPress Tutor Can Provide a visual step by step guide as to how to get things done

Most people are visual learners.  A WordPress tutor can help you with your particular application.  While generic WordPress training is great,  there are instances where you may have “inherited” a site from someone, and it has been highly customized.  

In that case, you’ll need a tutor to help you navigate a special template, or certain custom post types or god – forbid, hard-coded information that a previous webmaster may have placed in the theme.  In those instances, you could spend 10 hours trying to figure out exactly what’s going on, or you can spend less than 1-hour getting help and moving on to more important things.

A WordPress Tutor can even help you fix coding mistakes

A WordPress Tutor Can Give you insight into the future of WordPress as a platform and how it relates to your site.

WordPress is ever-changing and evolving.  Most likely your concern is to maintain your business or personal blog, not become an expert on all things WordPress.  Wordpress tutors and trainers live, eat, and breathe WordPress.  

WordPress is their business –  literally.  

A tutor stays on top of these developments and lets you know when a major update is happening, generally what changes to expect, and whether or not you need to update.  For instance, just recently a major WordPress e-commerce plugin had a security hole.  By having a WordPress guru in your back pocket, you could have gotten the heads up and gotten the update in time.  Your competitors may still be running the outdated version of the plugin.

WordPress Tutoring and Training can make you more valuable as an Employee…or Boss

WordPress Tutoring makes you more valuable as an Employee…or Boss

More and more businesses are using WordPress to run their business.  That means that adding content and making small changes to the website no longer demand a Web Developer.  That means as an employee you may be asked to update content, backup the site, or even help add new pages, sliders, etc…

You want to make sure that you’re ready to make those changes without worrying about making mistakes.  That’s where customized WP training comes into play.

As a Boss, you may not be the one updating the content, but you might need to know what is involved in updating a WordPress site.  If you are well versed in what WordPress can and can’t do, you’re in a better position to manage the content that is placed on the site.

If you need help with WordPress don’t be afraid to get the help you need.  Your time is the most valuable commodity you have.  Don’t waste it.

Here are some other resources you may like:

WordPress Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

How does WordPress Tutoring Online Work?

We schedule a time with our tutors that we can work on YOUR particular website – or help you design one. Sessions are held online via Zoom, Skype, or other online meeting platform of your choice.

How long does a WP training session take?

We offer training for up to 4 hours at a time – We usually break training into 1 and two hour intervals. You can order as few as 1 hour or up to 4. It all depends on what your needs are.

Can I ask anything during the session?

Yes. We answer any and all of your questions. The only thing we don’t teach is PHP coding and heavy CSS. Training on themes, plugins, and WordPress content and core settings we cover.

Do you help with multisite?

Yes. We love working with WordPress multisites and we administer a number of them for clients.

How much does WordPress Tutoring/Training Cost?

The price varies during the year. Contact us in order to get our current pricing.

What WordPress Tutoring Clients have to say…

Grant is a consummate professional who has made the process of designing a website creative, easy, and cost-effective. His training videos have made it possible for me to learn how to update my own pages at a moment’s notice and have given me the confidence to do weekly posts.

KrisTen, WordPress Tutoring Client

…Grant walked me through, step-by-step, showing me how to use the many features of WordPress, and I cannot tell you how invaluable this tutorial was.  I am so much more confident now that I have a clear understanding of what I’m doing.

Lauren – WordPress Tutoring Client

Here are some WordPress Tutorials Online that you can view as well.

  • WordPress Training Courses by WP Tutoring – These are inexpensive WordPress Video Courses that will get you started quickly.
  • WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – This is our amazing tutorial written exclusively for beginners by our WordPress Tutors. Once you’ve gone through it be sure to contact us if you have any questions.
  • Hostinger
    Hostinger gives you tutorials on how to install WordPress as well as set up your pages they also offer tutorial videos to follow along with.
  • WordPress.com/learn/
    Great for beginners to learn how to make posts, pages, do basic customization, and broadcast your posts on social media, this site has step by step sections to help you set up your site..
  • WPbeginner
    WPbeginner has  WordPress tutorials that allow you to extend the power of WordPress. They also have step by step guides that are easy to understand and follow WordPress best practices.
  • Creativebloq
    Has tutorials for all levels of WordPress users from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced. They offer 40 tutorials in total to get you up and running and using WordPress.
  • Tutorials Point
    Tutorialspoint gives you a full breakdown and tutorial on installing WordPress as well as giving you a description of what each category and setting means. This site helps you set up WordPress and helps you set up users, install plugins, set up pages, and more; tutorialspoint also offers useful resources that will help you with WordPress.
  • Siteground
    Siteground has tutorials with detailed instructions on how to use WordPress and to manage your site. In their tutorials, they cover all the basics and few advanced topics to help you with a simple or complex site.
  • Ithemes
    Ithemes is a hosting provider that helps you set up and manage your site as well as offers you tutorials that cover everything you need to know on WordPress starting you from setting up your site, logging in, and much more.
  • WP Apprentice
    WP Apprentice offers tutorials that will improve your site no matter what skill level you are; they also offer a WordPress course which takes you through all the steps and in the end you will have created and set up your site.
  • Mythemeshop
    This site gives you  33 WordPress tutorials on what WordPress is and how to set up WordPress. Mythemeshop has videos on their site which you can watch anywhere on youtube that will help you with the basics of WordPress.
  • wp101
    WP101 has video tutorials that are professionally produced with the beginner in mind. They teach you the basics in WordPress and also offer advanced classes as well as instructions on how to use most of WordPress plugins.
  • Fastcomet
    Fastcomet is a privately-owned, independent global web hosting company that also offers WordPress tutorials that will teach you how to set up WordPress and use all of its features; they also provide search engine optimization tutorials and give you information on how to connect social accounts to your site.
  • JavaTPoint
    JavaTPoint WordPress tutorials include all topics of WordPress such as installation, creating a site, working on WordPress dashboard, creating and editing posts, pages, and comments, working with themes and plugins, security, and more.
  • Namecheap
    Namecheap has tutorials that will give you the skills to create posts, add pages and embed media such as images and videos to your WordPress pages and posts as well as tell you the difference between WordPress.org & WordPress.com.
  • MPR-Studio
    Mpr studio will guide you on how to set up a WordPress website,  how to choose the correct domain name, hosting options, WordPress installations, plugins, and more.
  • Lynda
    Lynda has WordPress Training and  Video Tutorials that will teach you how to install WordPress and configure it for SEO, design a WordPress theme, create an e-commerce website and publish your images and posts.
  • wpmudev
    Wpmudev has a WordPress Tutorial for beginners that will help you create your first site in 10 easy steps with step by step pictures and instructions.
  • isitwp
    IsItWP has easy step by step tutorials that follow WordPress best practices to help you learn WordPress and utilize its full power to build your website.
  • Create a pro website
    Create a pro website has a 1-hour step by step guide on how to install and set up WordPress from creating your domain to publishing your site and in the end, you will have created a fully functional site.
  • Envatotuts+
    Envatotuts+ has beginner WordPress tutorials but they also have options for more advanced WordPress users as they have tutorials that help you develop your site with eCommerce and how to code and create your own plugins.
  • DreamHost
    Dreamhost has 42 tutorials that will help you from installing WordPress to creating your site and also gives you developer tutorials on how to build themes, plugins, functions, and more.
  • WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – Our tutorial is so good, we had to put it here twice!!!

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