WordPress 5.0

Custom Gutenberg Blocks: Elevate Your WordPress Experience

We can create custom gutenberg blocks that will make your WordPress website easier to manage and enhance user experience.

How to use the Row Block in WordPress

Learn how to use the row block in WordPress to create great looking layouts.

Multiple Columns in Gutenberg

With the Columns block, you can quickly and easily adjust your page’s layout. https://vimeo.com/347848567 Adding multiple columns in the Gutenberg Block Editor The Columns block in WordPress's Gutenberg editor is a versatile tool that lets you create column-based...

Adding Shortcodes in Gutenberg.

Adding Shortcodes in Gutenberg WordPress shortcodes allow users to execute code inside WordPress posts, pages, and widgets without writing any code directly. Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor introduced in WordPress 5.0, offers a dedicated block for shortcodes. In...

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