WordPress Support and Maintenance

Get WordPress Support and Maintenance for Your Site

WP Cloud Backup

You may have a backup on your server, or even on your laptop, but for maximum protection of your website, you need a reliable cloud backup solution.  We back up your site daily to the cloud, so you’ll never have to worry about losing precious data.

WordPress Website Management

We will clean up the post revisions and spam comments on a periodic basis.  We can also keep your plugins, themes, and WordPress core up to date.  Additionally, we can even optimize your database for faster and better performance.

WP Site Monitoring

Monitoring your site is also important because your website needs to be up to get your message out and make you money.  We will check for broken links and also monitor your uptime.  If your site goes down, we will be notified and corrective measures can be taken. We can even monitor Google Analytics for you.

WordPress Deployments

If you ever need to change web hosts, we can move your site(s) from one host to another without you having to lift a finger.  Migrations can be tricky but we will give you peace of mind knowing that your data and site are safe.

WordPress Manuals Revised for 2021 v. 5.7!

WordPress Tutorial PDF - Free
WordPress Tutorial PDF - Deluxe Edition

Our One on One WordPress Training Works!

For over 8 years we have helped many site owners and businesses learn how to use WordPress more effectively.

Whether you are a beginner or just someone who needs help because they are “stuck” – we can help you.

One on one training is the most effective type of training for WordPress because it allows you to ask the types of questions that will solidify your understanding and help you grow your audience, sell your product, or gain more customers.

We help with everything from simple WordPress blogs to complex WordPress Multisite issues.

Some of our One on One Clients:

One On One WordPress Tutoring and Training

One on One WP Training


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