WordPress for Employees – A new hot Job Skill?

by Jul 12, 2016Wordpress for Individuals, WordPress for Businesses

WordPress is quickly becoming a must have job skill for Employees

WordPress for Employees – Is this something you need to be adding to your resume?

According to this recent article by Web Pro News 65% of businesses that are using CMS’s use WordPress. This is huge because more sites are going online every day and many small and medium businesses are using WordPress. You might want to learn WordPress to make yourself more attractive to the job market.  WordPress training for Employees is more important than ever.

What are some of the things that Employees learning WordPress should know?

Posts and Pages

WordPress has two main ways to get content out to the world – posts and pages.  While inputting the info is basically the same for both, they serve two different purposes.  Posts (normally), are for items that have a time attached to them or to handle a topic that is related to your,(or your employer’s), business.  Pages are generally a little more static, such as about us, contact us, our team, etc..  Knowing how to create, edit , and delete posts are important skills for anyone who interacts with a WordPress blog or site.

Posting to Social Media

Once you’ve created all of this great content, you need to get it out to the social media outlets. WordPress makes it very easy for you to post to Twitter Facebook Google+ and other major social media outlets. By utilizing WordPress you can easily cut down the amount of time spent on each one of these social channels and make yourself much more valuable to your organization.

Employees can also use WordPress to make yourself more valuable by managing layout and actually modifying very simple templates. If you have basic design skills or have work with drag-and-drop type interfaces before you may find that you will be well suited to redesign the company blog or very simple web page without having to hire a web designer. This definitely would make you very valuable to the company as not only would they have an employee able to update the site but can actually change the look and things such as logos and other layouts.

Performing simple site maintenance

Performing simple site maintenance is a skill that an employee can bring to the table.  Being able to update plugin and themes is generally reserved for people that are very very familiar with WordPress such as WordPress Developers and specific maintenance folks, however; if your site is relatively simple you may find that you’ll be well suited to update the handful of plugins that your site might utilize. You might also be able to update WordPress’ core software manually as well.

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Take the time to learn WordPress in a deeper way

Essentially in this job market anything to set yourself apart and give you the edge above other candidates would be well very welcome for most companies. Being able to update posts,  pictures, plugins and other items on the company’s website or even launch a brand new blog will make you stand out. All things being equal taking the time to learn WordPress now will make you a more valuable employee.

Where do I start?

Start simply by viewing WordPress tutorials or you can contact us to setup custom one on one WordPress training.  Become a WP advanced user quickly with step by step online or in person training.

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