Moving a Block in Gutenberg

by Mar 8, 2021WordPress Tutorials - WP Tutorials, Gutenberg, WordPress 5.0

Moving a Block in Gutenberg

Step 1

First hover your cursor over the block you would like to move. When you hover a block, you will see arrows on the left side of the block. The arrows will allow you to adjust your blocks (clicking the up arrow will move it up by one space, click the down arrow twice will move the block down by two spaces).

Step 2

You can also move you block by dragging it and dropping it to your desired location. First hover your cursor over the block you would like to move. When you hover it, your cursor will appear as an open hand icon. Click and hold on the block and place where you would like it to go. While your holding the block you should also see a blue line. The blue line represents where the block will be placed after you let go of the mouse. The blue line will move as you move up or down the page within the Gutenberg editor.

Step 2 cont.

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  1. BC

    Thanks. That was very useful.

    What if I need to move more than one block though? Like, if I want to move three blocks at a time? Do I have to do it one by one or is there a way to do it all at once?

    • WPTutor

      Thanks, unfortunately, you can only reposition one block at a time. I’m sure however that in future releases, you will be able to select multiple blocks and move them. If you need to move a block a long way up or down, you can click and hold the dots that are in-between the up and down arrows and drag as far up or down as you need.

      • WPTutor

        Additionally, you still have the classic editor block which allows multiple items to be placed in it and doesn’t break things into blocks. So you could theoretically place multiple items in a classic block and then move that block where you want it.


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