WP Live Chat and Voicemail- WordPress for Business Part 6

by Apr 28, 2016WordPress for Businesses

A Great Combo – WP Live Chat and Voicemail

WP Live Chat and Voicemail

Allow your site users to send a voicemail directly from your webpage.

One of the areas that a lot of  business owners running WordPress overlook is actually providing WP live chat and voicemail on their WordPress website. Speakpipe is an application that you can use that allows people to send you voicemails directly from your site. Potential customers can actually click a button and record a voicemail without them having to pick up the phone. You’ll receive an email link that will send you directly to their recording.

You can also do many other things such as reply to them directly using your own voice or grab their contact details in the form. Once they click open on the tab you can request their name and email address in addition to their voicemail.  This is one way to grow your email list by sending emails collected to A Weber or MailChimp.

There’s a really nice interface on the back end that will allow you to see each and every voicemail recorded and how much storage is being used. It’s very simple to integrate Speakpipe into WordPress because there’s actually a plugin that you can download from the wordpress.org repository. You enter an API key and you’ll have direct access to it. Speakpipe creates a nice unobtrusive tab on the left or right side of your website screen and can be configured to show up on certain pages. I highly recommend this plugin as I use it on my own site and I’ve never had any trouble with it. It’s extremely well designed adds no noticeable latency on my site.

WP Live Chat

If voicemail on your site as a little too much you can always opt for live chat. Tidio live chat is a live chat plugin that is free on the basic level that will allow site visitors to engage you whenever they see you’re available. This is great if you’re close by a computer or you have an employee that can monitor computer traffic during the day as it allows people to directly ask you questions and get more information without having to pick up the phone. I’ve conversed with multiple clients using this live chat plugin. It can also give you details to statistics such as:

  • where the visitors are coming from
  • if they’re located in your city or across the country 
  • IP address

The color schemes can be changed to match your site, and it supports up to 140 different languages. Once the visitor leaves the chat you can still contact them via email. This plugin also integrates with Zendesk

WordPress Live Chat and Voicemail

Let your customers chat with support directly from WordPress.

Get Response, MailChimp and more.

Even when I didn’t get to speak to customers during my live hours I’ve had customers contact me through the built-in email that this application provides. This can provide a great way for you to reduce visitor turnover and also see where you might be able to improve user experience. For instance, if you had multiple customers asking you where to find something on your site, that would be a very good indication that you may need to look at that component and possibly redesign in order to improve accessibility.

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