Are you neglecting your best employee?

by | Jan 16, 2014

Job Description:


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must be the public face of the company – impeccable appearance
  • Market our products and services
  • Train customers on how to use our products and services
  • Collect payment and inventory all products
  • Collect customer information,log it, and then email them with all of our specials
  • Keep people abreast of what’s happening in our company – internally and externally
  • Update calendar that handles appointments
  • Assist customers in reaching our retail location
  • Handle all incoming complaints and route them to the right department
  • Notify customers of shipping status of their order
  • Allow customers to get information about us in social media networks.

Payment – Applicant will be paid only once in a 3-5 year period, at the cheapest rate possible, many times at a rate of 1k or less.  No raises, no bonuses.

Perks – If business does well enough, applicant may be moved to a larger space for the purpose of handling a larger workload for no additional pay.

For many employers this fictional employee is a dream – however this is not some “wishful thinking”,  this is their website.

Your website is your hardest working employee and you’re neglecting it.

Ways that you neglect your employee:

Not updating him on company news

Your employee “Webby”  is trying his best to help your company, (he is the public face after all), however you are not giving him updated information to work with.  You still have “copyright 2011” printed on his “shoes”.  The marketing materials and articles you gave him to promote your business is outdated and lacks polish.   He has a ton of links that are broken.  The phone numbers and contact info you gave him don’t even work anymore, and you didn’t even tell him about the two new locations that the company opened last year.

Not giving him the right appearance

Webby looks like a bad scene from 2001 – He was “birthed” in Frontpage, but never changed his wardrobe.  He is “static” not “dynamic”.  He has no texture, no style, no life.  He has to think “inside the box” because he is coded with tables and frames.  He is full of primary colors, but lacks all of the coolness of your competitor’s employees. People come across him and instantly look away – most of the time to a competitor who “dresses to impress”.

You gave him outdated technology

Your competitors all use the latest standards and web technologies.  Webby wouldn’t know HTML5 or CSS3 to save his life.  Google keeps ignoring him because Webby hasn’t kept up with all the new changes and his ability to bring in new customers suffers as a result.  His archrival “CoolSite” has jquery sliders to present information on the front page.  Webby has an old powerpoint slideshow tucked 3 levels deep in his documentation.  The competition has a wordpress or joomla backend that allows him to get updated from every corner of the company – Webby has to be updated on the latest news by one person when he or she gets around to it.

Webby is trying to be cool – he has a “static” form that he sends emails from, but he’s just outclassed by the competition who is “responsive” and who looks great on any tablet or phone.  They even become a web app that potential customers can interact with to get information.

The worst offense of all – Not unlocking his potential

Webby lets other people complain for him- he’s far too humble to say that he needs anything, every now and again, however a potential customer reminds you that Webby is not up to snuff. He can do so much more than you’re allowing him to do.  Let him become the top company performer he once was.

What you can do to correct it –

Seek Professional Assistance-  You may not know how to fix your website, let someone else show you all the options available to you.

Be willing to invest in your website,(and your company’s) future.

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