5 Reasons Your Small Business Website Should be on WordPress

by | Jul 23, 2013

WordPress has seemingly taken over the web, powering over 17% of all new sites.  This is an amazing number, made even more amazing because there are some heavyweights now weighing in on the action.  CNN, UPS, Forbes, Ebay and the like have all utilized this amazing open source software in one way or another.  Here are some additional reasons you should be on WordPress.

Small Business on WordPress

Low Implementation Cost

Setting up a WordPress site is as easy as choosing a hosting provider, (example godaddy), and purchasing one of their linux hosting packages, along with domain name.  As soon as you’ve purchased it you can do a fresh wordpress install and be configuring your website in less than 20 minutes.  This can be done at a cost of less than $50/year.  If you use wordpress.com, you can get hosting for free, (however you may have to purchase a domain name.)

Easy to Maintain

WordPress is very easy to maintain once you get the hang of it.  Adding pages and posts are a breeze, and once you post, you can edit each post just as easily.

Highly Customizable

You can make a WordPress site look like anything you want it to.  Wordpress uses the latest web standards and has a brilliant community of coders and designers constantly pushing the envelope of how to make your small business website look as great as possible.

Plugins and Widgets

WordPress plugins are designed by people who oftentimes are trying to solve the same small business problems you are.  If they or a client of theirs needed a scheduling application, they designed one.  If they wanted to add a google map, or youtube video, or customizeable contact form to their site, they designed one.  This is great for you as a small business owner, because you can add these things to your site, often for free or at a very minimal cost.

Here to stay

The WordPress Community is large, thriving, and making sure that WordPress Stays healthy well into the future.  If you design a WordPress site, someone else will no doubt be able to come behind you or your former designer and update it.  There’s no fear of having to re-create your website on another platform in 3 years, WordPress is a rock solid choice for a small business owner looking for great ROI.

If you need additional help with figuring out how to implement WordPress for your Small Business, talk to me.

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