Slideshows WordPress for Business- Save time and Money- Part 5

by Apr 19, 2016WordPress for Businesses

Place your slideshows on WordPress

Slideshows in WordPress- Save your business Time and Money

This is part 5 in a WordPress for Business Series – Save Your Business Time and Money:

WordPress for Business Part 1 – “Smart Forms”
WordPress for Business Part 2 – Booking Plugins
WordPress for Business Part 3 – Ecommerce
WordPress for Business Part 4-  Podcasting

Let’s face it – You have a ton of slideshow content sitting on hard drives

Our best friend Google loves new and fresh content.  Whether you or your employees have done sales presentations, product demonstrations, or spoken at community events, you have important and relevant info sitting on your hard drive.  Hours and hours of powerpoint presentations are going to waste while your potential customers are wanting your relevant info.

Enter our best friend Slideshare

Slideshare, which was acquired by LinkedIn, is a platform that you’re already familiar with.  They are like a “search engine” for slideshows and provide a slick interface that allows users to view, and members to download, slideshows.  The power of this platform is that it provides your company an audience that you may not have had access to before.  Even better, they have a WordPress Shortcode that you can insert into your WordPress page or post that will create a slideshow instantly on your site.  The only downside to this is that you’re not getting all of the SEO that you could possibly get from having the slideshow directly embedded on your site.

Slideshow Plugin alternatives that drive traffic to you site.

If you’re not crazy about Slideshare for whatever reason, you can also use google drive embed plugins to post.  You can also just embed the code into the text editor in WordPress. Below is an example.


If you want SEO with your slides-

You can always post the slides, with a transcript of the content available as well.  That way all of your important content can be indexed by Google.  Of course, you wouldn’t want proprietary info available on the web.

Make it a “special perk” for members –

Certain slideshows can be reserved for members of your site, especially if they could use them as reference material to use for their own talks or presentations.  Be creative with all of the knowledge that you have amassed and share it with potential customers and clients.

What items would be good for slideshows on my website?

Showing a clear step by step process is one example of how a WordPress slideshow might work.  Instead of just providing text, a visual process flow will add interest and also increase site engagement.  Be creative.

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