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WordPress’ popularity has made it nearly the perfect CRM for many businesses. Small, Medium, and even Enterprise businesses utilize it to be the front end of their customer experience.

One of the areas that many businesses weren’t able to use WordPress for is as a CRM,(Customer Relationship Manager). A WordPress CRM usually meant having your website talk via API to another piece of software that resided out of the businesses direct control.

Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot and other SAAS,(Software as a Service), applications are full-featured, robust, and have a strong track record. However, in our experience, there are two major areas were SAAS products are not ideal.

  • Ownership of Information
  • Customizability

Let’s look at these two areas.

WordPress CRM and Information Ownership

With European GDPR privacy and even North American mandates, ownership of information is key. While many of the largest CRM providers are considered secure, your valuable customer and client information resides on servers that you don’t control.

Often with a WordPress CRM installation, you can control where, when, and how your information resides. You can also easily transport information to another WordPress install with relative ease. Good luck telling a large SAAS CRM which servers to store your valuable information on.

Essentially having your CRM integrated within WordPress makes controlling your data much easier, and increases data portabillity.

CRM and Customizability

This is the area in which a WordPress CRM shines. With any WordPress install, you can customize and modify how the code runs. For instance, if you want something special that would make life easier for you and your team, you can’t easily implement it with Hubspot, Salesforce, or other CRM’s.

With a WordPress CRM, you can modify essentially any data at any stage of the lifecycle. You can easily create custom triggers and tracking. Also, you can display the data in any place on your website, making things perfectly tailored to your organization.

Plugin options

Many of the large SAAS CRM’s have a WordPress plugin that allows your website to talk to their system. A couple of them are:

While these plugins are good, they essentially just send WordPress data to a SAAS solution for processing on their end. So what is the solution.

Our WordPress CRM Plugin Solution of Choice

WordPress CRM solution Fluent Forms

There are a number of good CRM’s that have jumped on the scene for WordPress recently, but the one that we use ourselves and for our clients is Fluent CRM.

Here are some of the reasons that Fluent CRM is our favorite WordPress CRM solution.

Fluent CRM is well-coded and designed to work perfectly within WordPress

The team at WP Manage Ninja coded Fluent CRM with extensibility and portability in mind. It operates perfectly within your WordPress dashboard and it keeps you from having to log into another application.

Fluent looks good and is easy to understand

Any application that you expect your team to work with has to be easy to operate. Fluent CRM fits the bill by making sure that even a newbie can log in and start adding customers, integrating sales, and creating segmented lists easily.

The design is modern and not too flashy which are all good things when working with a CRM.

Fluent CRM Integrates with many other WordPress Plugins

Already have Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, and Learndash installed? Fluent CRM Pro has integrations that will automatically detect and start to interact with those plugins out of the box. You can create complex integrations without having to add alot of custom triggers and codes to integrate with another SAAS system.

Fluent will allow you to import your WordPress Users with a couple of clicks

Just go to Subscribers and import, and Fluent CRM presents you with the opportunity to take all of your existing WordPress users and import them directly into your CRM. No need to create a .csv export and then re-import into a SAAS.

This is extremely powerful. Since Fluent CRM lives in your WordPress install, it is drop-dead easy to bring in all your users into your CRM.

Our Favorite CRM can allow you to create complex workflows- or simple ones.

Want to track a user’s progress as they go through each lesson of a course that they purchased on your website? How about sending them an automated email as they progress through various milestones of the course? Maybe after 1 week with no course progress you send them an email encouraging them to keep going. With Fluent CRM this is all too easy.

Need Help Customizing your WordPress CRM? Give us a Shout.

We have experience helping businesses of any size get the most out of their WordPress sites including adding a CRM solution that will do exactly what they need to do and get out of your way.

We can also help you migrate data to and from WordPress CRM’s so that you can serve your customers and increase your bottom line. Contact us at WP-Tutoring.Com today

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