There are Multiple Reasons to Set the Timezone in WordPress. One good reason is that we want to have any emails that come from the site to show the time it was sent in our timezone.

Another reason is that many popular plugins such as The Events Calendar recommend that we set the proper time so that events can be displayed correctly.

Let’s get started setting the timezone.

Setting the Timezone in WordPress

STEP 1 : To set up the timezone, go to Settings > General menu in the WordPress Dashboard.

Setting the Timezone in WordPress

STEP 2 : You’ll see Timezone dropdown where you can select your preferred timezone.

Additionally, you can choose a major city within your timezone.

You can also set up the date format.

WordPress Tutorial - Setting the Timezone in WordPress

STEP 3 : After setting the beginning day of the week, and site language, scroll down and click Save Changes to save the timezone.

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