Wordpress Security

Managing WordPress User Roles and Permissions- It is Critical

Managing WordPress User Roles Table of ContentsWhat Are the Best Ways to Manage User Roles and Permissions in WordPress?Understanding User Roles in WordPressCustomizing User RolesUsing Plugins to manage User Roles and PermissionsCustom CodePrinciple of Least...

Why Your WordPress Backup is Useless

A WordPress backup is essential for any good maintenance/security plan.  In this day and age, if you're not backing up your site, you are essentially asking for trouble.  There are too many threats online, from hackers, server hardware failure, to installing and...

When your wordpress webdesigner leaves you

Wordpress Webdesigner Blues Scenario #1 - It happens-  Your wordpress webdesigner says they can deliver a top-notch site.  They actually deliver, but in the end, they: Can't or won't support your site. Get too busy to work on your "smaller" account Just plain go out...

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