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Is WordPress Good For Beginners?

This is a very good question and the answer largely depends on how comfortable you are with computers in general. WordPress is meant to be a relatively easy way for beginners to create a website and or blog. Emphasis has been placed in recent years on making WordPress more user friendly with the addition of a new user-focused editing system, and more intuitive content creation interfaces.

WordPress is usually very cheap to create a site with, with prices starting from free to less than five dollars a month for a small hosting plan. Every year there are thousands of people who create personal and business blogs and websites with no prior website experience. Because WordPress has to be alot of things to alot of people, it has alot of features that may be confusing to some.

A good rule of thumb is to think about how complex you want your site to be. A simple blog, for instance will be a breeze on WordPress. If however, you’re looking to create an ecommerce store with mailing list, online community, and membership portal, your learning curve will be a little more steep.

Does WordPress Require Coding?

In short, No. WordPress does not REQUIRE coding. You can install a WordPress theme, and use the built in block editor or add a plugin that provides a page builder, and create a full fledged website without touching a line of code. For SOME customizations knowing some basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) might be helpful.

In order to perform major changes to how WP behaves, (maybe communicating with another platform, or modifying default functionality), you might need to know PHP and/or Javascript. For most uses however, you won’t need either of these to create a top notch website.

Can WordPress be hacked?

Yes. But so can pretty much any software that runs on any system. What most people are really asking when they pose this question is “Can WordPress be easily hacked?”

Many people think that WordPress is insecure. WordPress is developed by hundreds of well organized volunteers who spend thousands of hours making sure that WordPress is as secure as possible.

The best way to keep your website from being hacked is to follow good security practices and have good webhosting that provides security. Two of the best and easiest way to keep from getting hacked are:

1.) Use strong, non- obvious passwords
2.) Keep your website up to date – You can read more about updating WordPress here.

WordPress has become more and more secure over the years and will continue to do so as more of the web turns to it.

Is WordPress Worth Learning?

If you are at all interested in creating and using websites, the answer is Yes. Around 40% of the web is using WordPress for websites, ranging from extremely small personal sites, to international corporate sites, such as Disney, TIME, and even the White House.

WordPress can also be a valuable job skill for some, since knowledge of how to create and update their employer’s website can be very desirable in a job applicant.

From a personal standpoint, having your own space on the web to express practically anything that you’d like to is very handy. While using various social media services to interact with the world is great, many are finding that they want to “own their own data” and choose to use WordPress to get their message out without handing their information to large corporations who may or may not profit off of their data.

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