Adding a New User to WordPress-WordPress Training

by Feb 5, 2014Free Wordpress Video Training, Wordpress How To

Adding a new user to wordpress

is something that most site owners will have to do eventually.  Here is a video tutorial in our WordPress Training Series on how to add a user in wordpress.


WordPress Default User Roles

Subscriber – Can only Read Posts

Contributor – Can make a post – but not publish their own post.

Author – Create their own posts, delete their own posts, publish their posts only.

Editor – Create their own posts, delete their own posts, can access and publish anyone else’s posts

Admin – Can do anything with anyone’s posts as well as install plugins, modify code, change themes, etc….

Rule of Thumb-

Give users the lowest level of access possible.  Do not give them more power than is necessary.  Especially restrict administrators if at all possible.

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