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by Feb 4, 2016WordPress Tutorials - WP Tutorials

Why Work inside Sandbox plugin? You Don’t have to worry about messing up  on a live site, With Sandbox plugin it allows you to work on a site in testing mode. While doing changes in sand box it is unavailable to the public and all search engines so you are able to work free and relax. You can Test anything with sandbox from plugins, to themes and even word press upgrades & settings. Also You are still able to use all your developer tools within sandbox If you are having Plugin conflicts sandbox is a great tool to use so that you can disable your plug ins one at a time to solve the issue. A Few steps to install and create the sandbox: STEP 1 Go to plugins sand 1       STEP 2 : In the Search plug in Type sandbox sand 2       STEP 3 : Install Sanbox and Activate it sand 3         Step 4: Once Activated you should see the plug in on the side saying sandbox sand 4         Step 5: Fill in the sections to create the testing site and your good to go sand 5       ATTENTION : When you add a new sandbox, a few sections are required to differentiate it from other sandboxes. Then a status is displayed as the sandbox is being created which can take  time because it depends on the size of your WordPress install.

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