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Top 10 Elementor Themes

Theme 1: Hello Theme The Hello theme is a free starter theme that works well with elementor and does not require tons of coding. Hello Theme is really light weight which makes the site load faster because all of the design is with done with the theme builder which is...

Some of the Best WordPress Themes for Beginners

If you are a beginner and are on the lookout for the best WordPress themes for beginners then you're in the right place. Here are a few themes which are user friendly. Many are available both in free and paid versions and you can choose the one that satisfies your...

Changing your WordPress Themes

Changing your Wordpress Themes Clicking on the Dashboard >> Appearance menu option will default you at the Themes screen. To preview of your site in another theme (that isn’t currently active), you can click the Live Preview button associated with the theme. To...

Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine Wordpress Theme Magazine Wordpress Themes from magazine3.com. So you finally have the next CNN, ESPN, or Associated Press online and you're looking for a great theme that will give your site that "authentic feel".  I've found a great resource for all...

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