WordPress SEO Tip – Strengthen Old Content

by Aug 4, 2016WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO- Strengthen Content

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WordPress SEO Tip – Stop Trying to re-invent the wheel.

Quick Question:  When was the last time you looked at the existing pages on your site?  Last month? Last Year?  I’m asking because I find a couple of things to be true about website owners who are finally embracing blogging and are looking to get noticed on the web.

  1. They are constantly trying to find their new keyword optimized topic to go on their blog
  2. They ignore already ranking content on their site.

In working with a client recently, I provided her a WordPress SEO tip that is actually helping to increase her rankings.  I told her to take one of her blog posts that was ranking in the top 4 for particular keywords and make it even better.


You mean to tell me that even though she was ranking very high, that she STILL should improve it?  In a word, YES.

WordPress SEO Tip #1 – Great , deep content is better than shallow –

I’ve seen it time and time again, many sites will have a handful of breakout blog posts that will provide a large percentage of their traffic.  The reason for this is that they hit a “vein” that is popular with readers and they essentially hit it out of the park.  The article is linked to on social media, etc.. and is well written, and serves a need. The thing is not every blog post, series, or page you create will have the same effect.  So sometimes it’s better to –

[bctt tweet=”make a good piece of content an exceptional piece of content” username=””]

WordPress SEO Tip #2 – The content that you’re ranking high for is probably outdated – fix it

Remember that blog

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post you wrote stating that the iphone 4 was the ultimate in technology?  It may be ranking well, but it is waaaaay outdated.  At the very least go back and add a header paragraph stating how you have since reviewed the iphone 7 and how it is now your favorite – of course, add a link to the newer article.  Remember that article you wrote about the top 5 headphone manufacturers? I’m sure that after 2 years someone has “fallen off”  – or been added on – take the time to adjust the article.  I learned my lesson – I wrote a blog post on WordPress 3.9 and how revolutionary it was.  Not a bad idea, but since we’re halfway through version 4 I think that I might need to add a link to a more updated article.


WordPress SEO Tip #3 – When possible think “ultimate guide”

We’re not saying every blog post should be the “ultimate guide to xyz” however, you should make your best content a go-to guide that can help your readers.  If you’re writing about replacing a roof, then provide links to reputable companies, how to settle on the best shingles, what to look out for etc…  This may not all be done at one time, but little by little you can add to your article to make it a “one-stop shop” about that particular topic.  Your readers and your rankings will thank you and you’ll stay at the top of the rankings.

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