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by May 8, 2014Wordpress Plugins

A while back there was a beginner’s plugin that I highly recommended called Ultimate Tiny MCE.  This particular plugin added tons of options to the wordpress post and page editor in order to give it many more options.

I highly recommended this plugin because for beginners it is sometimes difficult to get used to the post editor.  In order to help remedy that, ulimate tiny mce allowed newbies,( and also more experienced users), the ability to have an interface more like popular word processor programs.  In other words, it added icons for tables, the ability to change fonts, and much more.

With the update to WordPress 3.9, however, Ultimate Tiny MCE is no longer supported.  Its sucessor is WP-Edit, which can be found on the wordpress.org site.

From the Plugin’s page:

WP Edit is built around three years of custom WordPress development. WP Edit adds extensive, additional editing functionality to the default WordPress editor. Begin creating content like the pros; without knowing a single bit of HTML or CSS.

The only negative so far seems to be that this plugin has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars.  This is probably due however, to a total rework of the plugin from it’s successor.  I have used the WP-Edit plugin and it is very easy to configure and use.

This plugin also has a pro version, which comes with more features and support.

If you are looking to replace outgoing Ultimate Tiny MCE, or you are looking to extend the capabilities of the WordPress native Page/Post editor, give WP-Edit a try.



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