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The Gallery Shortcodes feature allows you to add one or more images to make a gallery

Shortcodes Examples

But as of now it is much easier to create and manage a gallery with the new Media Workflow

STEP 1: Move Your Cursor over the add media button

step1 Gal
In order to add an image to your page or post, you must first move your cursor and click in the place where you want the image to appear. By placing your cursor within your text, you can add images inline with your content.
To have your image to appear by itself instead you can also place your cursor on a blank line



step 2 gal

There are two ways to get your images into your gallery; you can upload your files or add them from your media library
Uploading Files: Upload the image you want to use from your computer by dragging it into the upload area.
Adding from Media Library: Select from any previously uploaded images.

STEP 3 Creating Gallery

step 3 gal          step 3-1 gal

After clicking on create gallery you select the pictures you would like to add in your gallery.
Once your done before inserting your gallery on the right side you will have options to choose the amount of columns and the size of pictures.

After that insert your gallery



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