WP Tutoring List of Webhosts 2024

by Dec 11, 2023Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Webhosting can make or break your website. We love our favorite WP Webhost, WP Engine. However, some folks may need more or less services depending on their needs. We’ve compiled a list of top-notch web hosts that we hope you’ll find useful just in case you’re looking for a new setup, or are looking to move.

We tried to get what we consider “original hosts” basically hosts that have their own infrastructure, or are using a proven infrastructure such as google cloud, aws, or microsoft azure as their backend.

We tried to avoid WordPress hosts that are “resellers” of other hosts, as we try to cut out the middleman.

So without further ado… Click the link below to download the pdf. Also be sure to comment if there are some hosts that we missed. We’d love to include them in our next list. Also be sure to check out our favorite, WP Engine.

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