WordPress Tutorial PDF Manual 2021 – Deluxe Edition


Beautiful Full-Color Illustrative PDF Manual!

Updated for 2021 and WordPress 5.7, WP-Tutoring’s WordPress PDF Manual Deluxe Edition has detailed descriptions of the parts of a WordPress site. Over 100 pages of clear-cut information.  You get access to the manual and all updates for one full year!

  • Additional Guides such as
    • Where to get high-quality royalty-free images
    • Launching your Website checklist
  • How to evaluate plugins
  • The Block, (Gutenberg) Editor
  • WordPress Settings
  • User Levels and more

Includes Discounts on WordPress Goods and Services


Get Information on:

  • Why you should choose WordPress
  • How to practice using WordPress for Free
  • Logging in and using the Dashboard
  • Updating WordPress
  • WordPress Global Settings
  • Appearance Settings
  • The Block Editor
  • How to’s
  • Much More

In addition, you have access to the manual for a full year.  So as we update it, you’ll still have access!  Download today.

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