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To protect yourself, your business, and the data of your website’s visitors it’s highly recommended to place a privacy policy on your website.

The Privacy Policy Tool in WordPress will help you and your website visitors understand all the ways your website collects user information.

Many countries are required by law to disclose this information to their visitors. Some ways your site may collect user information are collecting email addresses, Google Analytics tracking.

WordPress’ Privacy policy tool gives you a great outline to get started. It currently includes the following:

  • Who we, (your company, organization or individual), are
  •  What personal data we collect and why we collect it
  • Who we share your data with
  • How long we retain your data
  • What rights you have over your data
  • Where we send your data
  • Your contact information
  • Additional information

WordPress comes with a basic privacy policy page generator that anyone can use and edit for their business. 

  1. First, go to Settings > Privacy. WordPress provides a privacy policy page draft for you. You can either select to use the draft or generate a new version.
Privacy Policy Tool in WordPress
Locating the Privacy Policy Tool in WordPress

2. You can edit the page like any other WordPress page. Make sure you list all the ways your website collects data and save it. Make sure to publish this page when you’re finished editing.

WordPress privacy page settings
Choosing and updating the privacy page settings
  1. Once you’re finished, make sure you list a link to your privacy page in your footer and/or main navigation.

If you are looking for even more robust privacy policy generators – you can check out some plugins here:

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