WordPress is a strong blogging CMS with lots of useful features. Import-Export option is one of them. We can easily export the blogs, pages, media files etc. from one site to another. Follow the steps below to do this.

Import and Export WordPress Data

Export WordPress Data:

STEP 1 : Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Tools > Export.

Import and Export WordPress Data

STEP 2 : You'll see different options in that page. You can export All Content or specific content of the site.

WordPress Tutorial - Import and Export WordPress Data

STEP 3 : Select your desired option and click Download Export File.

Import WordPress Data:

STEP 1 : Go to Tools > Import.

STEP 2 : You'll see different blogging platforms to import. Click WordPress as we are using WordPress.

STEP 3 : It will ask you to install a plugin WordPress Importer. Click Install Now and activate the plugin.

STEP 4 : Browse your xml file and click Upload file and import.

STEP 5 : Your uploaded file will import the content and will ask you to assign the content to the site user. It will also download attachment files if available.

That's it. Now you can export and import WordPress data easily.

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